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Your All Set Use Your Secret Sauce

In the book of 1 Chronicle 22, David has a conversation with Solomon. He shares his identity and reveals his purpose. Solomon is given the task of building the temple for the Lord. As amazing as that sounds Solomon is overwhelmed because David tells him to take courage. David explains that he has laid the foundation and done most of the heavy lifting to prepare for this moment. All Solomon has to do is be obedient to the Lord’s guidance. That sounds so simple but have you ever been in a situation where God gave you all of the resources you needed to do and be who he called you to be? It’s not the fact that he called you to it but he confirmed it by giving you everything you need to succeed! I will remind you of the same thing David told Solomon,

“ Courage! Take charge don’t be timid don’t hold back”!

Ask God for the discernment and revelation you need to complete what you have been called to do and succeed with confidence! Victory is a part of your DNA! Obedience to Jesus is your secret sauce! You’ll win every time.

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