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What's with your hammer?

I went to see Thor a while back and it was amazing! One of the most important messages in the movie was stepping into the truth of who each person/character was. Thor felt useless, powerless and invisible without his hammer. It defined him, and made him comfortable. But his father told him that the hammer was created to “teach you how to focus your power”. He told him,“You are not the god of the hammers but the god of thunder”.

I was captivated by his speech because it is a defining moment for me right now. I defined myself by the people I loved, the service I gave to others. My “hammer” was perfection and being invisible. My hammer was my best friend who taught me how to have a relationship with God and helped me discover who I was as a women. But when she died I started doubting again, I was so scared of what the next steps would be because my hammer was shattered. That hammer was home, the safest place I could be myself in and now it is gone….. I asked so many times … Lord what’s the next step or what do we do now? Some of those pieces are coming together I am happy to say.

What I encourage all of us to take away from this message is don’t depend on your tools to heavily.Don’t depend it to the point that you hide behind it or forget who you are. The tools, resources, and people that God brings in our lives should not be our identity but it should help shape it and once the season or time is over for that resource, tool or person, then take away what you learned and honor them by being defined by the truth itself.

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