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What Prayer Teaches Us

Prayer is multifaceted. It is the map that guides your life and purpose. It is the connector in the relationship with the Father through Jesus. Prayer is an alarm warning you of danger, and an insightful friend with wisdom and mysteries to share. It is also the strategy by which Jesus gives us victory over darkness. I know it’s easy to think that prayer should be done when we want something but when we live a lifestyle of prayer it builds our muscles like working out in a gym. Positioning us in a posture of health and wealth in every way. Prayer helps us to see, and perceive better. Outside of the crooked lends of our flesh and the distraction that is our sinful nature. Prayer recenters us in the redemptive quality in Jesus. So if you struggle to pray or live a life of it, let me tell you that it is a discipline and when you are mastering anything, it takes time… so don’t be overwhelmed. Give God what you have right now, in the place or setting your in. And as you grow in being a powerful woman, or man of prayer let's take a look at a great example of understanding our power through prayer.

In Acts 12 Peter is imprisoned by Herod. And he plans on killing Peter in front of everyone shortly after Passover. Mean While he is chained with two other men sleeping like a baby and his friends are earnestly praying for his safe return. Their prayers were answered because the Lord sent an angel to go right past the guards, and iron gates and was Scott free right back on the street. When Peter realized that God was really looking out for him, he went back to Mary’s house and they didn’t believe that Peter was actually standing at the door knocking. What stands out the most is that a woman named Rhoda tried telling everyone that their prayers were answered but they didn’t believe her. An effective prayer life is being intentional about what you bring before God. When you pray learn to hit the target and have confidence that God has heard and honored what you said according to his will.

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