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The Truth about Submission

What does it mean to submit? I was afraid of that word and in my family, the submission didn't go very well. There was a love, hate relationship with the "idea" of submission. I thought that it was a sign of weakness. I had seen abuse growing up and I thought that I would never be this way. I would fight to be anything but submissive. I spent so much time hating the word that I didn't understand it.

I never thought that Jesus wanted to offer the true perspective on what submission is. It is not a weakness in the sense that you are less than but you are choosing to let down yourself, your fleshly weakness, emotional, and physical positions to pick up a better gift of who you are and who Christ is. Submission is like an exchange of gifts. When you give something amazing it is given to you in return. But you must choose to be this way. Submission is a lifestyle and not a one-time thing. Until my mother explained it to me, I honestly didn't think about it.

Even though I am married, my husband is a living example to my first husband (Christ). He points to him and to be honest, I had some major trust issues with God. I only saw him as a man and I thought he would hurt me, just like all the other men in my past did. But Jesus explained how he was not like everyone else. He took the time to break down those heavy walls I had built up inside. And even now with my husband, I am learning how to submit to God's choice for me. My husband was the person I choose and there are times that I have to remember that I am safe. Christ's choices for me are a safeguard, even when my heart is still coming alive to what true and honest love looks like.

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