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The Pain Of Excellence

Last week seemed like it was a make or break kinda time. And I was losing BIG TIME!!! I am a preschool Teacher so the pressure of children, parents, and bosses' requests made my blood boil. Y'all should have seen me I was a hot mess and to top it off my family and I was preparing to move this week. The pressure was so heavy that I contemplated leaving. In the middle of my mind going crazy, the Lord began to share and speak to me.

So Let Me Ask You This:

Do you ever doubt your own success?

Do you question what you are good at, even when you excel?

What do you view as success and excellence?

The more the Lord spoke, the more I listened(even though I didn't want to) Everything he said made sense and I didn't like that He did. The truth was yes my job is crazy at times but I can handle it. This is a part of the bigger picture of my purpose. I am really good at what I do but the truth is I don't want to be. (Do You Feel like that?) My flesh says this is difficult and my emotions want to say whatever I want and quit. But I am right where I need to be because this stop is preparing me for the next.

This is for you too, whatever stop you're at is only temporary.

It's not Permanent, there is something that you do very well, that no one else can do like you and for whatever reason, you fighting it. Just like I had been, but the peace comes when you settle into what you are. The truth is you have been perfected for excellence! Don't apologize, fight or downplay what you are designed to be... Great!

No one talks about the growing pains that you go through, but when you reach your next stop it's worth it.

My Prayer For You:

Lord, give each of us the strength to power through.

In Jesus Name

(Your great even when you don't want to believe it)

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