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The Myth behind the PV31 Woman

So while I was in the kitchen, God told me to read proverbs 31. Now I use to be intimidated by the woman in this chapter because I just knew I could never be her. I wasn't that perfect in fact I just had a jacked-up moment not too long ago. But the Lord gave me a change in perspective: Look at the proverbs 31 women like you. You don't have to be perfect, that is the lie that many of us fall for. The reason this passage is so powerful is that this woman gives an example of how to use her authority in her territory.

​She is exercising confidence, wisdom, discernment, and fellowship in her position. She is confident in who she is and she recognizes the power of having a great team around her to help her get her tasks completed. She doesn't feel intimated by other women because she is focusing on her position, territory, and reach. Pay attention to what God has given you to be steward over. It's not about being perfect and having everything done the right way. But exercising and working out what is in your territory and enjoying that. I am sure the woman we see in scripture got to this place with time. Wisdom takes time to grow and learn so don't be so hard on yourself.

My Prayer for you:

Lord, help each daughter find her groove in the space you have given her authority over. Teach her to be effective and confident in what you have given her. Let her not be jealous of anyone else's territory but let a spirit of unity and celebration be released over each and every one of us.

In Jesus Name

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