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Talk About It Thursday: Mask Off

I tried to find something very profound to say to you this evening.. and I got nothing! I am learning so much about myself and this week I learned that I am enough, valued and some of my light shines in the simple things. You don't need a big decorative word from me but If you stay awhile I invite you to take that mask off... We all have a mask, it's the thing that keeps us from being our authentic selves. It's the thing we hate to put on but feel like we "need" to in order to feel seen. My mask has been saying and agreeing to all the "right" things so that someone anyone can see me and bring out my value. And let me tell you, IT DID NOT WORK! I have been so burnt out that I became frustrated with who I wasn't instead of being who I am. Finally today I saw and appreciated myself... I called out my imperfections, victories, and progress and I heard a beautiful love story. I missed being me and it was so refreshing like a glass of water on a hot day. So let me ask you... what's your mask? What are you hiding behind and why? What does hiding get you? Do you have a hard time seeing what God sees in you... I know I did, but it's better to breathe in honesty and truth than hold your breath with the lie that you dance around. Keeping that mask on will kill and dim your light.. your color, what makes you sparkle... and we need you here, present and glowing.. even if that means you are still discovering, crying, and cleaning out the messy places in your life. Own it accept it because you, my friend are doing the work and that beauty that you are discounting will eventually appear and refresh everyone in your path... Take the mask off and let's see you!

Cheering You on Always,


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