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Struggling to see the vision?

I have been in a battle, fighting for the woman in me. It's a battle that many times I've given up on, and cast aside. But every time I lose hope God gives me a push or a pep talk that helps me to keep digging. The reason why the battle for our vision is so hard is that we believe we are not worthy of anything good. We live more in the lie than we do in the truth and that affects how we live and operate. Are you struggling to see the vision in you? Are you asking, Lord who am I ? and what can I offer you? Here is the declaration of invitation from this year's tea that is designed to help you win the woman on the inside of you.

You called me by name but I was afraid to answer. You saw me before the foundations of the world but my vision was a little cloudy. Often, I wonder why you would want someone like me, I have been hurt, and my hurt has affected others. And yet you are still pursuing me. Lord, who am I? Show me who I am in you. Unveil all the lies I believed and acted out. Reveal my true beauty and character that is defined by you only. You have called me by name to influence this world and subdue it. I align myself with you lord and I step into who I am without apology and on purpose. In Jesus name.

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