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Running From Favor

I tried to run from God when he started sharing some things with me. I was afraid of being in his presence, but I wasn’t prepared for what he was about to share with me. Sometimes we don’t want want to receive the blessing and favor of the Lord because we are afraid of the issues it will reveal in us. The question is why are we so afraid to deal with our issues and fears? Why are we so afraid to bring them to God. He is the one favoring us, but there is still a disconnect in who we think God is. When the Lord is ready to bless you in a way that you are not expecting. Don’t sabotage it, use that moment to bring your issues or concerns to the Lord, so you can enjoy the fullness of his blessing. Don’t be afraid of the Lord blessing you. He has equipped you for it. He loves to see us enjoying what he gives.

My Prayer for you:

Lord help us to be thankful for your blessing and favor. Teach us how to accept the love that you want to shower us with. Give us a learning heart and a willing spirit to understand who you are. Help us to face and heal from the issues your blessings uncover. Root us in your love and let everything we do flow from it. In Jesus name.

~Psalms 149:4~

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