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On This Side Of Grief

For the past 5 years, I have been holding my breath, waiting for the other emotional shoe to drop. I was terrified for the holidays because of the painful timeline I knew all too well. It starts in November and by January I am a mess. This year my prayer was simple as I felt the tears beginning to fill my heart in October. "God I don't want to be sad this year" And the feeling left, but something else happened this year that I didn't expect. "I didn't cry and I had Joy". Now that might sound simple, but if you haven't experienced grief and loss then you won't get it. For those of us who have a hard time during the festive seasons, it's different for us. Grief breaks you and shaders your rhythm of life, including holidays. If you are grieving this holiday season or this is your first year without that special one that you love. The joy will break through for you and when it does, cherish that moment. For every time you cry the joy that will come to you will be memorable and I hope that it will empower you to take in every moment and appreciate every "I Love You" and Thank You" We never stop missing those special people on earth but on the other side of grief a land flowing with milk and honey is being prepared for us.

I love you immensely and heaven is rooting for you to get on the other side.

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