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Let's Make a Pact

Earlier this week I was having a melt down. My mind felt so cloudy and I couldn't focus. Who was irritated was me! While washing dishes the Lord asked me to make a pact with him. Let's break down what his pact is:





Now when I think about 1 Corinthians 13:11 I didn't think having a meltdown was childish. Until the Lord showed me what I was having a meltdown about (it was pretty childish). I was tired of being where I was and it was me and my fear keeping me stuck. So I made a pact with the Lord, I gave him my milk in exchange for his meat. It's not something that happens overnight, but if you walk it out with God, have compassion and patience with yourself, and believe in the journey he has you on is a fresh one, then you will always move

in forwarding motion.

My Prayer for You

Lord, teach us how to surrender with confidence in you. Let your hope and life continue to flow in us in every new direction that you take us in. Change our hearts so we can forgive more and worry less, even if we need to forgive ourselves. Make this a memorable journey for the better and make us better people for it.

In Jesus Name

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