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Gold in the Pain Mine

Have you ever looked at the process of Gold? At first glance( and even a third) the environment where gold is found looks unappealing. Most of the time we don't appreciate the process that develops or creates what we enjoy. We spend more time on the finished product. I know that I don't think about the process because it takes so much to create something amazing. It's easier to pass the process up. Just like a gold mine, a special tools that a person must have in order to find the treasured prize. Once the tools are used properly, Gold is insight. Let's apply this method to pain, but in order to do that, we have to ask this question first.

So Let Me Ask You This:

Why do you despise pain so much?

What do you fear the most about pain?

What is pain/ where is it located most in your life?

No one likes to go through any situation that's not pleasant, let alone painful. But like a gold mine if you have the right tools then you will come out wiser, healthier, and healed.

Pain Mine Tools 1. Put a name and face on your pain( when you know what it is then you can defeat it.) 2. Squeeze out the lessons and wisdom (What did you learn? What will you do better, What did you experience, How did you see God? What did he share with you?) 3. Release, forgive and repent. (Be truthful about your struggle and hurts give it to God and let it go. (You must choose to let it go)

Once you have used the tools you will be a whole new person. Don't let pain keep you away from living the best of life. Enjoy it while you still have the time t0o.

My Prayer for you: Lord, touch the person who is filled and surrounded by pain. Remove what's blocking them from being the best you they can be. Set them free and teach them to help others get free. Pour out your spirit of forgiveness on them and remove the burden(even if it's you) from them in Jesus' name.

( Forgive Yourself)

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