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Egypt Is All Show

“Egypt is all show and no substance”

Isaiah 30:7 Msg version

Man! When I read this from the message version I was moved. I encourage you to read this for yourself! But the quick version is the children of Israel decided to ask for help or protection from Egypt due to a possible takeover. And God is HEATED his beloved are doing what they want to do. And decided not to seek him on this important matter. So the Lord does what he does best, calls them out AKA “Truthfully Reads Them”. I love how God brings this moment to life. Most importantly if you keep reading God takes a turn and his fire transforms into a lamp that can guide them if they accept it. (Is 30:21) Do you see where I am going with this? If so take a moment and ask yourself honestly... What is my Egypt?

We all have a familiar place that has no quality but “alludes what we need. It’s that thing that we are quick to go to before going to God first. Whatever that is for you that’s your Egypt. Honestly I can say that I have many but my Egypt is going back to painful habits. It is easy for me to dim my light and not believe in the truth of who I am. It’s easier to give up or not shine and I got the being invisible routine down. But as comfy as that place is, I have a teacher that is whispering from behind as I take these uncomfortable steps forward… And so Do You! God is your substance and as unsure as you may feel right now moving from this familiar place the Holy Spirit has your back. So put one foot in front of the other and move away from the place that feeds you a lack of substance.

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