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Change ... Why Fight It?

If I can fix a situation, I feel relieved, confident, and powerful. So, it would amaze me when I couldn't work out a situation with the man I love today. My husband and I had a disagreement that left me with many questions. I was so angry (it felt like a ball in the pit of my stomach) anxiety, anger, and fear all wrapped up into one. I replayed the situation over and over, looking for a way to fix it but I was left with none.

I felt helpless, hopeless, and powerless. When my mind goes into worry mode I think of THE worst possible scenarios. The more the images come the more I shrink and forget who God is. Do you do this too?

So Let Me Ask You This:

What do you like to control in your life?

Is it something God gave you or something you took from him?

There are two sides to every woman and the ability to change is one of the strongest powers we possess. We naturally progress, but there are times when we slow down and forget what we're striving for and why we change. Change in a woman builds cities, nations .... Purpose.

Even though I couldn't be the Olivia pope in the situation with my husband, I had to swallow my pride and submit to what God was changing in the midst(ohhh this is hard) Problems arise to introduce us to a better part of our lives. When we "fix" something God wants to build in a new way, we get in the way of him and ultimately the better part of our lives.

My Prayer For You:

Be at Peace I am God and I know what is Best.

(Get Out Of The Way)

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