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Called To Silence

Emotions are tools that aid in experiencing a deeper relationship with Christ. For example, let's look at how we can apply our senses to scripture. 1. Taste and touch (O taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34.8) 2. Hearing (My sheep hear my voice. John 10:27) If not used for the right reasons emotions can be a tricky and deceitful friend(that's really not a friend)

​There are many places emotions can flow from and depending on what they are it can be good or bad. Not too long ago I was stressed out (Y'all I was a mess, a sista wasn't playing) I was stressed and moody, I broke down at the drop of a hat. I was all over the place. The Lord had to sit me down and force me to silence. In that time I remembered how wonderful it was and how much strength God gave me.

So Let Me Ask You This: - Is that You? -Have you lost touch with yourself?

Maybe God is calling you to silence... One of the reasons why we get distracted and allow other things to blind the silence is because stillness is a reboot of yourself and your spirit. It's a reevaluation of yourself, your life, and where you are. If God is calling you answer... take the call. You will be stronger and glad that you answered.

My Prayer For You:

May you possess the courage to trust God and get still...

( Isaiah 30:15)

(What is it that you have to lose)

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