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Be at Peace With your story

In a dream, I had a few weeks ago the Lord shared something with me.

-God’s thoughts are not ours-

In the dream, I was walking through a house made out of a cave with my mother. My attention shifted to Danielle Brooks (Orange Is the New Black) She had a beautiful golden dress on but she was chained and bruised and her dress was bloody. She called out for her mother who was Phylicia Rashad. Her mother was dressed beautifully as well. She bent down to her daughter and told her to suck it up and shut her mouth. Danielle was told to get up and perform. I realized there was a big gala event, and there were many “important” donors in the audience. She got up in front of everyone with a bloody face and chains still on and decided to tell the truth about what happened to her.

That dream was so powerful! How many of us are ashamed of experiences that we are still chained by? Our voices were crippled by someone urging us to keep our mouths shut. Biblically Daniel went through something similar. He was persuaded to accept an idea that wasn’t true. (Daniel 1:37) But he decided not to align himself with those false truths. And you don’t either. You don’t have to align yourself with the instruction of toxic people. Although you can’t change the conversation of the past, you can change its influence over your present and future. Allow the Lord to filter your story and accept the courage, comfort, and victory that flows from it. Danielle was bloody and chained but she was still beautiful and authentic. And SO ARE YOU! Accept your be at peace.

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