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Be About That Life

Urban dictionary describes the saying “as a means to live s certain kind of way”. What does this have to do with being a believer? I am glad you asked! The first chapter of James gives personal insight into our purpose with the word of God. What makes us different is that we are not listening to the words but live by them. We take joy in doing what it says. The word is not one-sided but a multi-dimensional reflection, Look to the word of God to find yourself. His word is the truth and from the front to the back cover, God’s word will teach you how to be about his business and fight and stand in agreement with character and power. Read with an intention to live the code of the Lord’s everlasting life. He will give you all that you need to not just read about it but be about the life and promise he has in store for you!

Don’t be afraid, a true believer is about that life!

Read on your own time James 1:22-25

Reference: Urban Dictionary

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