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The Questions We Ask

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Take a moment to look at what is important to you. What do you notice about the gift you enjoy? Why is it valuable to you? Do you take the time to enjoy and take care of what you value? Most of the time (by nature of course) we hold more value on a thing and not a who. If you haven't noticed, I am talking about you. You are a masterpiece, a beautiful work of art created by beauty himself. Since we are flawed, it can be difficult to see past the scary.

Jesus was the best to ever do it. Study his approach and how he treated himself. He knew he was a gift and acted like it. Jesus wasn't prideful but humble and confident that he too was created and valued by something more than himself.

So Let Me Ask You This:

Do you hold yourself to the same value of a gift?

In what ways can you take care of your mind, body, and spirit to help be a better gift the world?

Remember you are the light and salt of the earth, that alone makes you valuable! Don't be shy about who God created you to be (Jesus didn't) people accepted or denied him but he was real and relatable first. Jesus became the gift so we could embody it.

My Prayer For You

Let us hold fast to our value. Lord, let us be like you in our gift-giving approach. Keep us humble, compassionate, loving, and strong. Let us see beyond the scars and hurt we carry to shine like you’re beautiful light.

~ In Jesus' Name~

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