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Refresher Course

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

In my freshman year of college, each class was used as a transition from high school, to college. The first year taught me how to grow from a child into an adult. But as I kept growing I learned that I knew NOTHING! Life is like that sometimes, it's one big school of learning. You go through many lessons and seasons to gain more wisdom than before.

Life has a way of making you hard-pressed. If you live long enough you will go through your share of ups and downs. I encountered test after test with high hopes of passing each one. But along the way, I lost my footing and the test got harder until I forgot who I was. I lost hope for God, myself, and everyone else.

Let Me Ask You This:

Have you lost sight of who you are?

Has life made you question everything in your life?

You are not alone if you have (actually everyone has at some point) And that is okay, God is giving you the same thing he gave to me... A refresher course. What made you smile before life hit you hard? What are your hobbies? Why do you love God? What makes you special as a woman?

A refresher course is remembering who you were before life's pitfalls. We can get so caught up with what's in front of us that we forget the joys of life and we lose touch with ourselves.

My Prayer For You:

Lord, help us all to remember who we are, what we are, and why we are. Give us our spark back, replenish us with color and life again. Like Naomi, give us a restored life, perspective, and point of view.

In Jesus' Name... Remember

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